Securifix GmbH information technology

Securifix GmbH information technology

Your specialist supplier for intralogistics systems for all makes of forklift

DSecurifix GmbH develops, produces and distributes communications solutions based on high-frequency wireless technology. The company - together with its affiliated companies – has more than 35 years’ experience in this field. Securifix is constantly developing its own products and incorporating its customers‘ interests in the process. The company operates as a limited liability company (GmbH) and is headquartered in Dachau. Its customers include firms like Neff, Aldersbacher, Avery, Hilti or Zweckform. Edmund Breitenfeld is company founder and managing director.

Intralogistics and material flow management Call systems and reporting systems using high frequency technology Communications solutions for lean production concepts Efficient device management (M2M)


What sets our systems apart


Durable construction and tried and tested industrial design for maximum reliability.

Low cost

Rational production methods for cost-effective manufacture of efficient products.


Fast and trouble-free integration of our systems in existing infrastructures.

Data security

Defined wireless interfaces for optimal transmission security of the data transfer.

How our systems benefit you

Easily integrated in existing infrastructures
Security for our customers‘ investment
Tested and proven technologies
Modular, combinable and scalable