LT03 / LT04 Monitoring

LT03 / LT04 Monitoring

Secure data planning and billing with minimal effort

The Securifix (LT03/LT04) forklift call and control systems have an RS232 interface to evaluate all forklift movements for any defined period of time. As a result, forklift movements are not just optimised but can also be recorded and analysed in detail. This makes the Securifix (LT03/LT04) call and control systems equally suitable for operators of either their own or a rental forklift fleet. The data collected allows for completely new billing models for rental fleets which now, for the first time, can be based on the actual use of the equipment.

New billing options for leased fleets

With its call and analysis system (LT03/LT04), Securifix is responding to the increasing use of rented industrial trucks in industry and commercial enterprises. Billing in this sector is usually based on the duration of the lease, while the actual use of the equipment is not taken into account. However, this can vary considerably depending on the area of operation and the sector. Now, for the first time with LT03/LT04, those who rent out industrial trucks can guarantee their customers a fair billing based on the use of the equipment. At the same time, this creates incentives for the most economical and careful use of the equipment possible.

Detailed data for your forklift fleet

For forklift fleets used by the owner, LT03/LT04 provides a well-founded basis for decision-making on optimal fleet size and speeds up the in-house flow of material. With the LT03/LT04 call and analysis system, the standing times and journey times are as differentiated as the empty and loaded journeys. All data is stored with the date and time. The collected data is subsequently available for detailed analysis regarding performance, use, handling and cost-effectiveness. In this way, reliable performance and usage results for the forklift fleet that was used can be attained and one’s own fleet of vehicles can be optimised. The evaluation can take place using the RS232 interface on a networked or stand-alone PC and has no direct influence on the functioning of the LT03/LT04.

Certainty about the efficiency of your forklift fleet

The following data can be represented for each logistics order using a spreadsheet programme (e.g. Excel):
Date, time, call point, forklift and section
Time until the job is accepted
Time required to complete the job
Total time
Job status: Completed / Cancelled


Using the configuration interface you can easily and wirelessly set the texts for the call points and forklifts and change them at any time. It is not necessary to open the call and mobile stations..
The system is operated via the RS 232 interface
A common terminal programme (e.g. Hyperterm) may be used Inputting the names for the forklifts and call points can be carried out using an intuitively operated menu structure